Top 5 most famous online games

Top 5 most famous online games

Playing online games is a hobby to millions of people across the world including children and adults. It is one of the best way to utilize spare time and you can even get paid for playing. Unlike in the past, where you could only play on the ground, today, you can play in the comfort of your home on PC, Android phone or even tablet thanks to the advancement in technology. Also you no longer need a souped up PC in order to play online games. Whether you are on Linux, OS X or Windows, all you need is a stable internet connection and a browser to play the countless online games. Here are the top 5 most famous online games that you should consider playing.

League of legends

League of legends takes the top position as the most famous online game. It is a multiplayer battle arena online video game with a wide reach. League of legends is estimated to have about 27 million active players daily which is 21.26 per cent of all online video game players.

Simply, there is no online game that is more popular at the moment than the League of legends. Though it can be quite intimidating when starting, if you are looking for the best game to introduce you the world of video games, this would be the best game to start with.

World on Warcraft

World on Warcraft abbreviated as (WoW) was created in 2004 by Bizzard Entertainment. With over 10 million subscribers, World on Warcraft game holds the Guinness record in the World for having the highest number of subscribed multiplayers.

This multiplayer online game is also the highest grossing video game of all time.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strick Global Offensive is an online first person shooter game that is ranked in fourth place in the popular Counter Strike franchise. This game was developed in August 2012 by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path and it has continued to soar in popularity since then. In addition over 12 million copies of Counter Strike Global Offensive were sold in 2012 making it the best selling game that year.

If you are not a lover of online games that feature wizards and orcs, then you should give Counter Strike Global Offensive a try.


Released on July 2013, Dota 2 is the successor to Dota 1. It was developed specially for Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X and just like league of legends, it is multiplayer battle arena online video game. At one point, Dota 2 was the highest actively played online game with about 800,000 players daily.


Developed by Blizzard entertainment and released on 15th May, 2012 for OS X and Microsoft Windows, Diablo III still remains of the most popular online games around. In the year 2012, when it was released, over 3.5 copies of Diablo III were sold setting a record as the fastest selling PC game within the first 24 hours after the release. In the same year of its releases, Diablo III was the best selling video game after over 12 million copies of the game were sold.

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